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Nanotechnology is today a natural part of engineering science and occurs in everyday products as components in e.g. solar cells and mobile phones. Sophisticated manufacturing processes make it possible to design tailor manufactured structures with linear measures down to nanometers, only, i.e. structures with properties determined on the atomic scale. 

It has been shown experimentally that as the dimensions of a structure decreases down to a few nanometers, only, the mechanical response changes from what would be expected at the global scale. Thus dimensioning rules at the nano-scale are bound to differ from common handbook recommendations for large structures and new attention must be given to how to design and dimension structures at the nano-scale. A natural tool for complementing experimental findings is molecular dynamic (MD) simulations which makes it possible to monitor the behavior of each individual atom, and such simulations are used in the research in nano-mechanics at the Division of Mechanics. 

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