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Mechanical vibrations and Multibody dynamics

Multibody dynamics seeks to create models of complex mechanical systems consisting of a number of interconnected components performing motions that may involve large translations and rotations as well as small displacements such as vibrations. Applications may be found in the automotive, aerospace and robotic industries. Multibody system dynamics (MBS) is motivated by an increasing need for analysis, simulations and assessments of the behaviour of machine systems during the product design process. Through the application of MBS dynamics it is possible to carry out feasibility studies and check on specifications early in a product development project. Later in the project, MBS dynamics can be used to obtain a detailed design of parts of the system and to validate product performance. The possibility to do this is closely related to computers and to specialized computer software through which models of complicated mechanical systems may be analysed. Research involves methods for producing equations of motions, characterization of constraint conditions, coordinate representations and solution methods.


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