Division of Mechanics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

Mechanics is the branch of physical sciences that deals with the motion of material bodies under the action of forces. Mechanics is the oldest of the physical sciences and actually, rational mechanics was the first domain in natural philosophy that was brought to form a real theory comparable in generality and precision to classical geometry. The advances of mathematics are a necessary requirement in the evolution of mechanics.

The principle and concepts, as presented in rational mechanics, embody a full rigor of mathematics. Leonard Euler, the Swiss mathematician from the 18-th century, can be considered as the architect of modern rational mechanics. Leonard Euler reformulated, corrected and generalized the theory of Newton, and expressed the laws and principles of mechanics in a mathematical language, which today will make it possible to utilize and apply mechanics to an extensive number of problems present in physics and engineering.



The development of a secondary modified response spectrum for piping analysis - Christian Weijsenburg