Division of Mechanics

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Division of mechanics

Mechanics provides you with the means and methods to understand and describe your environment through mathematical models, solvable analytically or numerically. It is the branch of physical sciences that deals with the motion of material bodies under the action of forces. The discipline of mechanics is a true engineering tool used within industry on a daily basis to analyse and design different products. Our research focuses on determining the material and structural response to mechanical and temperature loads applied on macro-sized components through continuum mechanics formulations solved by, for example, the finite element method, as well as on nano-sized structures studied through molecular dynamic simulations. Under the headline Research you will find brief descriptions of our research interests and under Education you find our courses.

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The public defense of the doctoral thesis by Ling Chen

Nanoindentationcharacterization of high chromium white cast iron for assessment of machining performance



The public defense of the doctoral thesis by Hossein Sina

Synthesis of Transition Metal Aluminides from Elemental Powder Mixtures



Improving Bulk Functional Nanomaterials by Means of Severe Plastic Deformation

CANCELLED! SEMINAR by Professor Michael J. ZEHETBAUER on October 16, 2015



Lecture by Dmytro Orlov 6th May 2015

Magnesium: Competitive Advantage, Key Drivers and Recent Achievements in Alloy Development